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Night on Broadway is a free arts and music festival produced in celebration of Councilmember José Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway economic development initiative. Like never before, Night on Broadway awakens beautiful historic theatres and the blocks between them along the Broadway corridor in Downtown Los Angeles. L.A. is a mecca for creative talent of all kinds, and Night on Broadway is where it all shines – right in the heart of entertainment’s birthplace in Los Angeles. From emerging musical acts to national stars, artists to acrobats, and fashion designers to food trucks, Night on Broadway is all about the City of Angels.

our history

Night on Broadway was first produced in 2015, after a successful “Day on Broadway”event which include walking tours and docent-led discussions about Broadway’s 12 historic theatres. A night time event was envisioned to bring a critical mass of people to the stree with programming in multiple venues and art along the street. The event was an overwhelming success in its first year (2015) drawing 35,000 people from across the city to experience Broadway. In its 2nd year, Night on Broadway drew 60,000 people, making it the fastest-growing one-day arts & music festivals in North America, and possibly the largest. The next Night on Broadway will be Saturday January 28, 2017 and it’s already gearing up to be the best Night on Broadway yet!

Night on Broadway 2017

We are actively planning for Night on Broadway, Saturday Jan. 28, 2017 in celebration of the 9th anniversary of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway, so mark your calendars and bring your friends. We are doing everything possible to keep the event free, creative, cutting edge and all about L.A. We cannot wait for you to experience what’s in store for the next Night on Broadway!

Night on Broadway 2016

There was no doubt the core team for Night on Broadway had stumbled onto something spectacularly interesting, special and worthy of the immense time and effort it took to pull it off. Using lessons learned from the astronomical (and somewhat unexpected) success of 2015, the core team expanded and started planning for 2016 right away. Night on Broadway has always been mission-driven - to celebrate Broadway and highlight the amazing art and talent of Los Angeles - but it’s also a massive organizational undertaking that requires an incredible amount of coordination and logistical planning, in addition to creative direction and curation of art and talent on a tiny shoe-string budget. The 2016 event’s stage performances were a splendid hybrid between notable, national acts and emerging local talent, throwbacks to Broadway’s past with resounding examples of her relevance in the future. The art was dynamic, interactive and undeniably eccentric. A Ferris wheel nestled amongst the historic buildings allowed views of Broadway and Downtown - a perch like none other. BUsinesses along Broadway (and in a wide vicinity around Broadway) experienced a huge surge in sales, with revenues up to 35% higher than a normal Saturday and at least one business reporting the best night of their entire decade in business. And, to our delight, 60,000 people joined us to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway, during Night on Broadway 2016. The event was described as a “love letter to the history, culture, and future of Los Angeles.” (fig4all) There was no doubt, we had to do this again, and the countdown began the very next day to the next year’s Night on Broadway, which will be held on Saturday Jan. 28, 2017.

Night on Broadway 2015

The very first Night on Broadway took place on January 31, 2015. The same group of Broadway lovers who had put together Day on Broadway the year before came together again and expanded a shared vision for creating destination entertainment on Broadway with the goal of seeing the results of an experience that asked the question “what if.” What if we programmed more than a half dozen of Broadway’s theatres on the same night? What if we filled the street between them with things to do, explore, eat and enjoy? What if Angelenos could see Broadway’s potential the way we do? What if people actually attended? We found out the answers to all of this and more than 35,000 Angelenos descended on Broadway for a night like none they had ever had before. After expecting to attract 10,000 people, and more than tripling our own projections, the 7th anniversary of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway was a resounding success. Soon, we asked each other, what if we do this again next year…?

Day on Broadway 2014

On Jan, 25, 2014, in celebration of the 6th anniversary of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway, a number of the Broadway theatres were opened to the public for tours, while walking tours of the street were conducted by partners of the initiative. The event was organized largely with volunteers, as a labor of love for the street and for the efforts of Bringing Back Broadway. More than 2,000 people came Downtown to enjoy the architecture and ambiance of the ever-revitalizing Broadway, and tour through grand movie palaces built in the vaudeville era, but which were rarely open to the public. It was a way to expose interested Angelenos to the beauty, history and splendor of a re-emerging Broadway, and the energy was palpable - people wanted this, and more. That night, as the core team of volunteers who made Day on Broadway happen were sitting atop the Ace Hotel roof, glancing down at the active street below as the sun set and lights went on, we began to wonder: “If two thousand people came to Broadway to see the theatres with nothing really happening inside during the day, what would Broadway be like if we opened the theatres up at night, and actually put programming inside, so people could see and experience the theatres the way they were meant to be experienced - full of people being entertained. And, then and there, in the mental haze that occurs between exhaustion from work and bliss over work well done, that idea was conceived and began to germinate. A year later, Night on Broadway was born.

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