The best music festivals in the United States

In the United States, the most fun concerts and music festivals are held, including genres such as pop rock, electronic and Latin music such as reggaeton, salsa and merengue, even k-pop, African gospel genres, ima Discover in this review some of the most acclaimed by music fans

The best music festivals in the United States

Music is especially valued in the northern part of America and organizations dedicated to rewarding musical talent have even been created.
But that’s not all, concerts and festivals are eventually held to expose both new talents and those who are. Achieving success below, we mention some of the most important.

Ultra Music Festival and Winter music Conference in Miami Florida

The beaches of Florida are filled with rhythm, lights and parties. When is the time to welcome local and foreign artists who come together to offer concerts and shows in this city.

This is one of the best music festivals in the United States and is also highlighted among the largest and most popular by Ultra Music Festival and Winter buys me in the month of March each year. In this celebration of music, artists and DJs from all over the world are invited to celebrate a party where attendees enjoy dancing to the rhythm of their melodies.

Electric Daisy carnival in Las Vegas Nevada

The city of Las Vegas stands out for its parties and it is here that the best shows and musical events in the United States take place, an example of this is the electrics Daisy carnival where fireworks are combined with lights, led smoke machines, colorful scenes and the best music of the moment.

This is a popular electronic music festival that previously held 12 in Los Angeles but now takes place at the Las Vegas autodrome in early May. Attendees enjoy attending this event in comfortable clothing to dance the night away to their favorite singers.


This is the perfect excuse to enjoy good music surrounded by friends and watch your favorite singers sing. It is an event attended by as many celebrities as you can imagine.

It is not only the ideal place to put local artists and new talent, but also to meet many people and media that make an impact in the music and entertainment industry. It has been an example for the creation of other similar music festivals that have emulated its concept, expanding the musical opportunity in other parts of the world.


It is a music festival in the United States that is usually identified simply as Lola began to be held in 1991 and since then its popularity has been on the rise. Normally, it is made up of 8 musical stages in which at least 200 world-renowned artists perform and their fans enjoy singing to the rhythm of their melodies.

All these presentations or accompanied, please, artificial light shows and everything that is needed to make this live music festival an experience.


With these initials, a festival is known that has set a trend and has also contributed to promoting musical loads of artists who have performed on its stages and have achieved worldwide success.

The South by Southwest is an American music festival with considerable relevance in the entertainment industry in which new melodies, films and varieties related to the seventh art are usually exhibited to delight the public that attends this activity.

It takes place in the city of Austin Texas near the border with Mexico, so that among its attendees there are not only Americans, but also Latinos who enjoy the presentations that take place in this celebration of music.

The importance of Soul as a musical genre

In this article we will highlight the importance of Soul as a musical genre. In addition, we offer you relevant information about its origin, history and evolution from approximately the 50s to the present, do not miss it.

What is soul?

Software is a term that has been used to define music of African-American origin in the United States and that emerged between the 1950s and 1970s. It is also considered a name for the musical genre identified as rhythm and blues.

A whole generation of artists has interpreted the sounds of the 1950’s R&B Pioneers such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Wright Charles and Sam Cooke, whose songs were well received by the white population of the United States and gave rise to to what would later become the genre known as rock and roll.

The Origins of Soul in North America

In the same way that has happened with other genres of music from Africa, Soul does not have a precise definition. While their representatives were also considered as performers of the blues, gospel and rock genre.

At the end of the 1960s, Soul ended up being mentioned in pop. But in the following decades this genre was displaced by other rhythms such as Funk, disco and rock music.

These melodies are characterized by being extremely catchy. They are usually accompanied by clapping and spontaneous body movements, which is precisely the essence of the soul genre.

It is also particular of these Maderas beach melodies set between the soloist and the choir making a particularly tense sound at the vocal level, occasionally turns and improvised sounds can be added.

Evolution of the Soul genre in the United States

Between the 1950s and 1960s, the migration of black people became present in the United States and they began to mix with the white population, as a result of which customs were shared to give rise to the interculturality that was lived then.

There were many black actors who managed to become stars or even win Oscars basically people from African-American origins stood out in various branches of art and especially but considered The Pioneers of the Soul genre in the United States

Through the civil rights movement in the United States and leader raised by Martin Luther King Racial awareness developed and street riots were quite frequent with this social reality, it was not surprising that in the late fifties and early sixties certain themes arose that were considered hymns by then.

Later and as this situation progressed, new songs emerged and the record companies saw their potential, so they began to work with black performers to create complete albums that were a musical success.

Soul music became a symbol in the United States and little by little it was climbing to make itself felt in Europe, giving rise to the appearance of British blues and the British invasion led by musical groups such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Over time other performers made their contributions to this revolutionary musical movement such as Aretha Franklin, Eddie Stack, Floyd and Johnnie Taylor.

By the 1970s the African-American music industry had expanded and it was no longer uncommon for a dark-skinned person to be in the entertainment industry.

However, soul as a musical genre was declining while new genres emerged as a kind of evolution of this, among them the blank and a quiet Storm.

By the 1980s, the sun became something retro and urban music took over, disco and hip hop with El Triunfo by artists like Michael Jackson, who had a particular style and began to materialize in the New Age of pop music.

Famous American singers who have marked history

If you have a Playlist with your favorite songs, it is possible that some of its performers are American, in this article we offer you a brief review of famous American singers, both classic and current, who have revolutionized the world of music around all these years.

Famous American singers who have marked history

We will start this list with those artists. From the mid-20th century to the 1990s what? They marked a before and after in the international music scene.

Michael Jackson

At the top of the list could not be anyone other than the king of pop, composer, singer, producer and dancer of his own songs.

He was one of the musical icons of the 80s and despite the fact that he has already passed away, his music still sounds in many places around the world.


This is an American singer, actress and celebrity who has her origins in California and has become one of the most influential women in international music both for her unique voice and for the successful career she has built.

Since 1975 he has been singing solo and many two of his songs, he continues to play on the radio today


This woman represents another icon of American pop music since her beginnings, she has conquered the audience that enjoys her songs and today she continues to be an exponent of the genre and an example for new debutants to follow.

After three decades of career, his songs continue to play on the radio and have been covered with other interpretations Why they are timeless hits

Elvis Presley

Nothing more and nothing less than the king of rock and roll, one of the singers who became icons of the 20th century and whose dance performance is unmistakable.

In the 50’s there was a before and after in Elvis’s career who achieved fame with songs that still sound on the radio.

Frank Sinatra

Another of the great references of 20th century music with international reach and who has become an idol for youth also ventured into acting with films like From here to eternity, but his success is definitely due to music.

Lady Gaga

This part of the list is dedicated to current artists such as Lady Gaga, singer-songwriter and actress who has achieved success with songs considered anthems for certain parts of the community.

Taylor Swift

A young American who has taken country music to a new level with lyrics full of romance and freshness that are especially attractive for people of this generation.

Adam Levine

Singer, author, guitarist and composer, this American native of Los Angeles is part of the Maroon Five Band.
He has also participated in movies, however, he has achieved success singing solo with certain songs that remain at the top of the popularity charts.


This is another of the most recognized artists for music at an international level, not only is she a singer, but also a composer, dancer and producer of her musical themes. She has also ventured into the world of acting and fashion design.

He began his career as a member of the group Destiny’s Child but since 2003 he began as a soloist and has positioned himself at the top with his songs that make everyone dance.

Bruno Mars

This singer-songwriter, producer and choreographer is here to stay. He has a unique style that has managed to position himself. Among the most successful music artists since 2010, he has been hitting songs every time he releases a new album precisely because his lyrics are full of romanticism and expose the realities of today’s life.

Jason Derulo

This singer-songwriter and dancer has managed to succeed in the world of music and position himself among the most beloved artists of the last decade. Since he began, he has not stopped achieving success with each of the songs they release.

In this way, he has become known in all the countries of the world and is one of the American singers who have marked history.

Billie Eilish

She is a Mexican singer-songwriter who has become a Revolutionary in the musical world, especially for the teenage audience. Today he is an icon of young people who are captivated by his songs and seek to imitate his choreography.

The folk music of the United States

Have you ever wondered what the folk music of the United States is about a series of rhythms and melodies that are typical of this part of the world?
And that have served as the basis for the creation of other genres. Currently very listened to, discover more about this topic by reading the article that we offer you below.

American folk music

The folk music of the United States is also identified as folk and corresponds to a wide, musical variety that contains Country, Gospel, All Time, Appalachian music, Blues, Tex Mex and Tejano and the indigenous music of this nation.

In this sense, all this music is considered original from the United States or a transformation that has been made from it, which is identified as roots music. Or Roots music because it serves as the basis for the creation of other genres such as rock and roll, blues and jazz.

To find out more about music in the United States, we invite you to read other articles already available on our blog.

History of folk music in the United States

To these melodies identified as music of the roots. They were shaped and their first varieties emerged two or three early decades of the 20th century.

Events such as the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl were extremely important for the expansion of these musical styles in the rest of the country.

An example of them are the masters of the Delta blues Who were performing as itinerant singers of honky tonk, Latin and Cajun music in cities such as Chicago Los Angeles and New York.

Over the years, the growth of the record industry also made it possible for these executive composer artists to obtain benefits with the music that was being created by repeating hits from previous songs, which gave rise to fads such as the guitar that is from Hawaii. And certain rhythms, instruments or vocal styles that were later incorporated into other creations.

In the 1950s, all forms of American folk music gave rise to the creation of pop as a new musical genre, folk musicians such as the Kingston Trio, Tejano pop, and Cuban-American fusions such as boogaloo, chachachá, and mambo were derived. of genres such as rock and roll, Rockabilly and R&B that was later converted into soul, as well as the sound of Nashville identified as country music. All this was the product of the expansion and modernization of the musical variety available at the time.

Major exponents of folk music in the United States

According to the history of the United States there have been some artists who could be considered Pioneers or main exponents of folk music, among them it is possible to highlight Audi sunhouse Blind Lemon Jefferson leadbelly mahalia, Jackson Washington Philips feeling John Carson and Jam Richi

However, there are other artists from more current times who occasionally or frequently play folk music from the United States, examples of which are Quemó Magnaplex Iron and Wine and Ricky Starks.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Soundtrack of the movie How to Lose a Garden is created entirely with folk music, which has been performed by Alison Krauss of Fairfield Four, emmylou Harris, Norman Blake and other musicians.

For its part, the movie a mighty Wind is a tribute and parody of the folk pop musicians of the 1960s. If you want to know more about the root or folk music of the United States, you may be interested to know that it has been the subject of documentaries by PBS in 2001 and you can currently enjoy many of them in streaming and on local television.