Famous American singers who have marked history

If you have a Playlist with your favorite songs, it is possible that some of its performers are American, in this article we offer you a brief review of famous American singers, both classic and current, who have revolutionized the world of music around all these years.

Famous American singers who have marked history

We will start this list with those artists. From the mid-20th century to the 1990s what? They marked a before and after in the international music scene.

Michael Jackson

At the top of the list could not be anyone other than the king of pop, composer, singer, producer and dancer of his own songs.

He was one of the musical icons of the 80s and despite the fact that he has already passed away, his music still sounds in many places around the world.


This is an American singer, actress and celebrity who has her origins in California and has become one of the most influential women in international music both for her unique voice and for the successful career she has built.

Since 1975 he has been singing solo and many two of his songs, he continues to play on the radio today


This woman represents another icon of American pop music since her beginnings, she has conquered the audience that enjoys her songs and today she continues to be an exponent of the genre and an example for new debutants to follow.

After three decades of career, his songs continue to play on the radio and have been covered with other interpretations Why they are timeless hits

Elvis Presley

Nothing more and nothing less than the king of rock and roll, one of the singers who became icons of the 20th century and whose dance performance is unmistakable.

In the 50’s there was a before and after in Elvis’s career who achieved fame with songs that still sound on the radio.

Frank Sinatra

Another of the great references of 20th century music with international reach and who has become an idol for youth also ventured into acting with films like From here to eternity, but his success is definitely due to music.

Lady Gaga

This part of the list is dedicated to current artists such as Lady Gaga, singer-songwriter and actress who has achieved success with songs considered anthems for certain parts of the community.

Taylor Swift

A young American who has taken country music to a new level with lyrics full of romance and freshness that are especially attractive for people of this generation.

Adam Levine

Singer, author, guitarist and composer, this American native of Los Angeles is part of the Maroon Five Band.
He has also participated in movies, however, he has achieved success singing solo with certain songs that remain at the top of the popularity charts.


This is another of the most recognized artists for music at an international level, not only is she a singer, but also a composer, dancer and producer of her musical themes. She has also ventured into the world of acting and fashion design.

He began his career as a member of the group Destiny’s Child but since 2003 he began as a soloist and has positioned himself at the top with his songs that make everyone dance.

Bruno Mars

This singer-songwriter, producer and choreographer is here to stay. He has a unique style that has managed to position himself. Among the most successful music artists since 2010, he has been hitting songs every time he releases a new album precisely because his lyrics are full of romanticism and expose the realities of today’s life.

Jason Derulo

This singer-songwriter and dancer has managed to succeed in the world of music and position himself among the most beloved artists of the last decade. Since he began, he has not stopped achieving success with each of the songs they release.

In this way, he has become known in all the countries of the world and is one of the American singers who have marked history.

Billie Eilish

She is a Mexican singer-songwriter who has become a Revolutionary in the musical world, especially for the teenage audience. Today he is an icon of young people who are captivated by his songs and seek to imitate his choreography.