The importance of Soul as a musical genre

In this article we will highlight the importance of Soul as a musical genre. In addition, we offer you relevant information about its origin, history and evolution from approximately the 50s to the present, do not miss it.

What is soul?

Software is a term that has been used to define music of African-American origin in the United States and that emerged between the 1950s and 1970s. It is also considered a name for the musical genre identified as rhythm and blues.

A whole generation of artists has interpreted the sounds of the 1950’s R&B Pioneers such as Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Wright Charles and Sam Cooke, whose songs were well received by the white population of the United States and gave rise to to what would later become the genre known as rock and roll.

The Origins of Soul in North America

In the same way that has happened with other genres of music from Africa, Soul does not have a precise definition. While their representatives were also considered as performers of the blues, gospel and rock genre.

At the end of the 1960s, Soul ended up being mentioned in pop. But in the following decades this genre was displaced by other rhythms such as Funk, disco and rock music.

These melodies are characterized by being extremely catchy. They are usually accompanied by clapping and spontaneous body movements, which is precisely the essence of the soul genre.

It is also particular of these Maderas beach melodies set between the soloist and the choir making a particularly tense sound at the vocal level, occasionally turns and improvised sounds can be added.

Evolution of the Soul genre in the United States

Between the 1950s and 1960s, the migration of black people became present in the United States and they began to mix with the white population, as a result of which customs were shared to give rise to the interculturality that was lived then.

There were many black actors who managed to become stars or even win Oscars basically people from African-American origins stood out in various branches of art and especially but considered The Pioneers of the Soul genre in the United States

Through the civil rights movement in the United States and leader raised by Martin Luther King Racial awareness developed and street riots were quite frequent with this social reality, it was not surprising that in the late fifties and early sixties certain themes arose that were considered hymns by then.

Later and as this situation progressed, new songs emerged and the record companies saw their potential, so they began to work with black performers to create complete albums that were a musical success.

Soul music became a symbol in the United States and little by little it was climbing to make itself felt in Europe, giving rise to the appearance of British blues and the British invasion led by musical groups such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Over time other performers made their contributions to this revolutionary musical movement such as Aretha Franklin, Eddie Stack, Floyd and Johnnie Taylor.

By the 1970s the African-American music industry had expanded and it was no longer uncommon for a dark-skinned person to be in the entertainment industry.

However, soul as a musical genre was declining while new genres emerged as a kind of evolution of this, among them the blank and a quiet Storm.

By the 1980s, the sun became something retro and urban music took over, disco and hip hop with El Triunfo by artists like Michael Jackson, who had a particular style and began to materialize in the New Age of pop music.

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